Principles of Programming Languages (POPL)

Principles of Programming Languages symposium addresses fundamental principles and important innovations in the design, definition, analysis, and implementation of programming languages, programming systems, and programming interfaces. POPL is in-cooperation with SIGACT.

POPL Fast Facts

POPL 2014 Web Page
Location: San Diego, USA
General Chair: Suresh Jagannathan
Program Chair: Peter Sewell
Dates: January 22-24, 2014

Most Influential POPL Paper Award

Each year a "Most Influential" POPL paper is chosen and an presentation is made at POPL. More details about this award and past winning papers can be found here. SIGPLAN also makes several other awards including an "Outstanding Dissertation Award." Please consider making a nomination for one of these awards. More details about the SIGPLAN awards can be found here.

POPL Steering Committee

The current POPL steering committee is:

  • Jan Vitek, current SIGPLAN Chair
  • Philip Wadler, past SIGPLAN Chair
  • Jeremy Gibbons, current SIGPLAN Vice Chair
  • Graham Hutton, past SIGPLAN Vice Chair
  • Roberto Giacobazzi, 2013 General Chair
  • Radhia Cousot, 2013 Program Chair
  • John Field, 2012 General Chair
  • Michael Hicks, 2012 Program Chair
  • Thomas Ball, 2011 General Chair
  • Mooly Sagiv, 2011 Program Chair

Principles of POPL

  • Principles of POPL, ACM SIGPLAN Notices - Supplemental issue, Volume 48 Issue 4S, April 2013, pp 12-16.

Web Pages of Previous Conferences

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The POPL Steering Committee is constituted by the following members:

  • current and past SIGPLAN Chairs,
  • current and past SIGPLAN Vice Chairs,
  • three most recent POPL General Chairs, and
  • three most recent POPL Program Chairs.