SIGPLAN Research Highlights

Since 2008, SIGPLAN has selected papers from its sponsored conferences that are of high quality and broad appeal. These papers, called SIGPLAN Research Highlights, are selected by a committee representing SIGPLAN's major conferences and elected officials. These papers are also recommended for consideration for the CACM Research Highlights section.

Nomination Process

The committee considers nominated papers from two sources:

  • Committee: The SIGPLAN Research Highlights Committee, working closely with the program chairs from the conferences they represent, will review and nominate papers from the conferences listed above for consideration by the full committee.

  • Community: Any SIGPLAN member may nominate a paper appearing in a SIGPLAN conference. Authors may not nominate their own papers.

    Nominations can be made at this website.

SIGPLAN Research Highlights Papers

As of August 2014, 41 papers have been recognized by the SIGPLAN Research Highlights committee, and 19 SIGPLAN papers have appeared in CACM, 12 from the SIGPLAN committee and 7 that were solicited directly by the CACM committee. This webpage contains the full list of papers.

SIGPLAN Research Highlights Committee

Chair, Michael Hind, (contact person)
POPL, Jens Palsberg,
PLDI, Steve Blackburn,
ICFP, Robby Findler,
OOPSLA, Cristina Videira Lopes,
PPDP/GPCE/Haskell, Andres Loeh,
PPoPP/VEE/ISMM, Hans Boehm,
SIGPLAN Chair, Jan Vitek,
Past SIGPLAN Chair, Philip Wadler,

Further information about the review process that the committee uses is included in the original proposal.